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No1Reviews.com reviews products and services in many different categories and provides these freely to our readers. However, we are a business and generate our revenue from affiliate commissions and advertising.


Affiliate commissions

In keeping with most other review sites on the internet, No1Reviews.com sometimes takes a commission on the sale of the products and services featured on the site. This commission doesn't cost you any extra: if applicable, the merchant website foots the bill and pays us for any qualifying click, lead or sale we generate.

Commissions are paid by the various affiliate programs that are run by the merchant websites and by various third-party affiliate networks.

Revenue generated by these affiliate commissions (and also from advertising) allow us to employ expert review-writers and programmers to maintain the site.

Please note that not all the products and services we review pay us a commission - some do and some don't - but we still judge them all impartially.


How do we maintain fairness and impartiality in our reviews?

It is vitally important to us that we are perceived to provide fair and impartial reviews to our readers. As such, our review writers are all completely oblivious to which products or services pay comissions and also to how much commission is paid. Our reviews and star-ratings are thus always totally impartial.


Which products or services pay a commission and how much do they pay?

The products and services that pay us a commission for any qualitying sale, lead or click vary all the time. Affiliate programs are started up and closed down by various merchant sites on a regular basis, and the commissions offered by these merchants (if any) also change regularly.

Unfortunately, it is thus quite impractical and unfeasible for us to continually monitor the commission rates for all of our reviewed products and services and report this information to our readers on each of our product review pages.


Advertising revenue

No1Reviews.com also generates a revenue from advertising, mostly in the form of Google sponsored ads. These ads are usually relevant to the content of the page being viewed and are provided as a service to our readers as well as an additional revenue stream for us.


FTC guidelines compliance

We make this disclosure of affiliate generated income in keeping with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines and in the interests of being up-front and honest with our readers. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us an email by using our Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.