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If you have a high quality website that's relevant to one of our categories, then we'll be happy to offer a link exchange. Please add a link to one of our review categories before getting in touch with us for a link exchange. Thanks!

Unlike other websites, we offer link exchanges directly from our review pages, not just from our link directory - as long as you link back to us from one of your content pages, like a review page or homepage, i.e. not your link directory. Links from link directories are considered less important now than they used to be, so if you run a high-quality site, let's swap links from our content pages instead - we can offer you links from highly relevant pages with high PR, as long as you do the same for us. And what's more, by only trading with other quality sites, we keep the number of outbound links on a page to a minimum.

To qualify, your site must be highly relevant to one of our review categories. For instance, if you run a dating review site, we'll be happy to link to you from one of our dating review pages in return for a link back to that page from your homepage or one of your dating pages. Like-for-like PR link exchanges are preferred, where you link to us from a page that has the same PR as the page we will place your link on. However, we will consider link exchanges with all sites that are of high quality.

If you'd prefer to swap links from our respective link directories, then that can also be arranged - as long as your site is relevant to one of our categories.

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